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July 29, 2021BY ( 0 ) Comment

Why You Should Study at KEELE UNIVERSITY:


Image Source-Google | Image by Keele University

The University of Keele is one of the oldest universities in the UK which was established in 1949. The University of Keele is famous for its research and teaching methods. The university is renowned for its handling the urgent problems faced by the world. For Instance, In the Covid-19 situation, the research team of Keele university collaborated with Oxford University’s research team to produce the ASTRAZENECA coronavirus vaccine to help and to save the world by this pathetic disease.


In the field of study, Keele University offers many scholarships in terms of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary scholarships. Keele University is considered as one of the pioneered universities in offering Dual Honor’s Degrees. Along with this, Single Honor’s Degrees are also available in this university.

Moreover, Keele University is offering Foundation Courses, Undergraduate Degrees, Master’s or Ph.D. Degrees. This university has a command of the research of these major aspects like Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, etc.


Keele University is ranked among the Top 10 Universities in England in the discipline of Nursing and Midwifery. According to Times University Guide 2021, the ranking number of universities of Keele is 51st and 35th according to Guardian University Guide 2021.

Student Union of the University of Keele is listed in the Top 5 in the UK in the National Student Survey. According to the ranking of The Daily Telegraph in the list of the most beautiful campus, The Keele University campus is mentioned among the top 6 universities in the UK.

Services for International Students:

This university has a great number of International Students who belong to more than 120 beautiful states of the world. Keele university carries approximately 10,000 overseas students who are enrolled at university in many undergraduate and postgraduate degree programs.

This university also offers to study a whole semester in 80 Partner Universities as per your own choice. This university is considered in the Top 3 Student Satisfactory Universities in the UK.

A bunch of international students loves to join Keele University just to seek education and to learn life as it has a diverse culture, clean environment, and very friendly behavior for them. A passionate International Student Support Team always arranges a super delicious Meet and Greet service session at the begging of a term from Manchester Airport and London Heathrow for new overseas students who travel to this university.


The Keele University’s campus is situated somehow nearby Newcastle-under-Lyme in Staffordshire. The university itself sits in the middle of a 630-acres estate surrounded by woods, beautiful lakes, and amazing parkland. This university has a sweet and friendly environment, a very diverse and resourceful area. Which surely helps students and staff members to grow their food on campus.

In addition, there’s a wide green land area around the campus with over 240 varieties of cherry trees, which is recently awarded as National Collection Status by the Plant Heritage. Surely, this is a superb achievement for the campus, makes it a more attractive destination for all the students across the globe.

This university also has a 19th century Keele Hall, a superb and great historic building, which was awarded by English Heritage as Grade II.


All the international students are facilitated by on-campus accommodation. But If they want on-campus rooms they have to book before the closing dates of admission. And also they have a good option to stay as long as their degree durations are.

The campus has four main halls to live in, the names of these halls are, Barnes, Lindsay, Holly Cross, and The Oaks and Horwood. These halls provide a living space to almost 3,000 students. There’s another option available to live in surrounded by the campus but that is known as well priced. So most of the students prefer to choose on-campus accommodation.

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