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The Whole study scenario has been changed due to the highly revolutionised international education standards. Without consultants, you can never thrive on this modern world. AA Advisers helps you from the process of admission to your last step in a foreign university. Even, we do not step aside after you get admission to your desired international school. Connect with us to build your Future.

About Educational Consultancy

AA Exchange is the new venture from AA Exchange, the world’s leading money Exchange, and Remittance company. AA Exchange has been serving customers  over 13 years. Now we are pleased to announce for  the convenience of students who want to study abroad. We add a noble service of education consultancy to our platform  AA Advisers.
It is established for the mere purpose of offering nonpareil consultants and ample opportunities to those students opting  admission to international universities. For the optimum results and better future of our passionate generation, we approach top ranked universities around the world United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, United States of America, and China. To reach the stars, AA Advisers serve as a great window for all energetic applicants who yearn to study abroad. Our Consultancy's mission is to bring maximum value to students by providing excellent services no matter what it takes at reasonable cost  through the canonical aisle. We are always here to help undergraduate and postgraduate students regarding study abroad quires and concerns.

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Muhammad Asim

Message from Project Director

I am the CEO of AA Exchange as well as the Project Director of AA Advisers. My name is Muhammad Asim. I humbly greet you here at AA Advisers. You have arrived because you have a covet to study the world’s best international universities, most likely for your brighter forthcoming. My vision is the same as yours. As a project director, I desire to turn your journey into a success story. Rest assure we will guide you to an exceptional future. We are friendly, competent, and qualified to provide you with the best services possible. We treat our candidates with respect and strive to provide the finest quality services available at all times. We are excited to shape your best future.Keep in Touch! You will do whatever your mind set is.