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Why Study Abroad?

According to the statistics, 306,141 US undergraduate students participate in study abroad programs each year. When we compare the proportion of foreign students all over the, who apply to graduate schools, the number rises into the Millions. Now the question is “Why should I apply to a foreign university?”

And the answer is because it would expand your knowledge without limits. This experience would be a challenge for you, but the outcomes will amaze you. Stepping out from the comfort zone and immerse in diverse cultures, languages, and traditions which helps you to blow your mind. It will provide you top quality education as well as surpass career opportunities.

Study in China

China is the country that hosts the highest number of international students every year. Students have the opportunity to discover this world’s most populous state. In 2018, students from 196 different countries came to China for higher education. The total number of foreign students increased massively over recent years. It made China the leading destination for international students.

Studying in the world’s guarded country, “CHINA” among the gracious and welcoming community is a blessing in disguise. Despite being the busiest and biggest city, Beijing has graded a virtually no-crime destination. As an emerging market, China has 7 of the 10 leading equity index universities. In 2020, Times Higher Education the published a catalog of 81 Chinese universities. In addition, 56 of the 81 educational institutions are ranked.

Why Study Abroad in China

China is working to establish the world's consolidated international institutions, which will grant universally acknowledged degrees. It is the venue of the absolute best education. China draws the attention of many students from all over the world owing to its unique community and amiable hospitality.

International students have an ideal opportunity to visit and admire conspicuous structures of modern art like that of the Great Wall, Olympic Bird's Nest, and Forbidden City. Students have been rewarded a total of three months of holidays during their educational tenure at the times of peculiar Chinese festivals. As a result, you will have more time to discover China during those days.

China has a rich uncovered legacy, numerous heritage sites, and a vibrant folk culture. Much of the time, the weather is pleasant, and international students have numerous opportunities to pursue educational success when gaining their credentials. Students have the opportunity to experience new people and build close acquaintances. If you are having trouble mastering Chinese, many universities and institutes offer degree programs in English the most extensively spoken language worldwide.

How to Apply for China Admission: Basic Requirements

To seek admission in Chinese taught degree programs, the HSK test is mandatory. For Science, Medical, and Engineering HSK elementary is required. For the remaining programs like, creative arts, management, hospitality, and journalism, HSK intermediate is a precondition. If an international student demands to get admission to an English-taught program, then ILETS or TOFEL English proficiency test is mandatory.

Chinese government implements an age limit for international educational recruitments. 30 years is the limit for a bachelor’s degree and 40 years for a master’s degree. Foreign students also have to hold a normal passport along with X1 Visa or X2 Visa. X1 if the study period is more than 180 days and if the duration of the study visit is less than 180 days then X2 visa is adequate.